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The gentle bird [~sister] of San Francesco di Assisi (it. "little French", eng. Francis, hun. Ferenc),  on the barrel [cask:vat:tub:cup] (lat. cupa ->  cuparius, eng. cooper, ger. Küfer:Kiefer:Kiefner:...) In the garden at Apátfalva
 Profession:  Electrical engineer (Moscow Technical University - MPEI), ret.
 Location:  Budapest/Apátfalva, Hungary
Bullet The Michelson-Morley Experiment: An Improved Method of Calculating Phase Shift in Moving Interferometer (2005, ~17 pages)
By means of the Michelson interferometer a number of experiments were carried out to demonstrate the translational motion of the earth. The author re-analyzes the method of calculation in these experiments, and shows that, when taking into account a factor so far judged negligible, the expectable total phase shift will be proportional to the fourth power of v/c (the ratio of translation speed to light velocity).